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Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese area following Rhodes and Karpathos and the second in population after Rhodes. The capital is Kos.

It is a rich island in historical monuments and presents a valuable archaeological and touristic interest. This island is also called "island of Hippocrates," father of medicine, because Hippocrates was born there. Today Kos is a modern touristic island with many accommodation, food, sports, trips or entertainment alternatives. The most striking element that characterizes this island are the endless bike paths, so it is often characterized as the Island of cycling. The main port of Kos abstains from Piraeus 200 nautical miles.


  • The ruins of the ancient city with the Hellenistic and Roman buildings near the port..
  • The Archaeological Museum is located in Liberty Square and includes collection of prehistoric findings, Hellenistic sculptures and classic small statues of Aphrodite, Eros, Demeter, Hippocrates, inscriptions and mosaics depicting scenes and architectural marble temples and parts of buildings.
  • The castle of the Knights is built into the right side of the harbor, it is the most imposing monument of the Venetian. It is kept in a very good condition and is a classic example of imposing defense of his time.
  • The plane tree of Hippocrates: A huge tree with a trunk circumference about 12-meters. It is believed that it was planted by Hippocrates about 2400 years ago and that beneath the shade of this tree Hippocrates taught medicine to his students. A bridge connects the point where the plane is, with the Castle of the Knights.
  • Asklepion of Kos: It is the most famous part of Kos and its construction began in the 4th century BC. It is located 4 km from the city in a cypress grove and it was the largest hospital in Ancient Greece. From the temple of Asclepius only the foundations and a few columns are saved, while some columns are preserved from the gallery that housed the Medical School of Hippocrates. Nearby in antiquity there were thermal springs with running thermal water.
  • The Mosque of Lozia: It was built by Gazi Pasha in 1786. It is located next to the plane tree of Hippocrates. It consists of a spacious narthex and the main mosque.
  • The Defterdar mosque is located in Liberty Square and it was named by the Minister of Finance of Sultan Ibrahim Efendi, who built it during the period of 1780.
  • Old Pili. In this place you can find remains of the medieval settlement of "Old Pili ', known as' Mystras of Dodecanese'.
  • The Church of St. John the Baptist was originally an early Christian Baptistery of the 5th-6th century, which belonged to a Basilica. It is located in Kos cemetery and today is used as a cemetery church in the city of Kos.
  • The castle of Antimachia is located in the center of Kos island, southeast of the village of Antimachia and is a remarkable medieval stronghold.
  • In the cave of Aspri Petra with age of 100-140 million years, dry and compact layers were stretched allowing the continued use for accomodation, while after a period it was used as a place of worship. Its findings are dated from the prehistoric to the Roman era.
  • The Temple of Hercules near Platanos of Hippocrates dates to the 2nd century B.C.
  • The temple of Apollo in Kardamena (Alassarna in antiquity) was a majestic building of Hellenistic years. The foundations of the church were discovered beneath the building of the early Christian era, which supports the notion that life in the settlement extended beyond the late antiquity.
  • At the entrance of the village of Kefalos, there are the remains of Castle of Kefalos. The castle is made of small stones and inside there are water tanks.






Summer - Beaches

The whole island is an endless beach with crystal blue water offering
endless hours of fun and relaxation. Some of the most important beaches are:

Cavo Paradiso Lampi
Agios Theologos Limionas
Agios Stefanos Marmari
Agios Fokas Mastihari
Therma Paradise Beach
Kamari Faros
Kardamaina Helona
Karnagio Psalidi


Full list of useful telephone numbers in Kos

Hospital of Kos
Τηλ: 22420 28050
Medical Center of Kos
Τηλ: 22420 23423
Medical Center of Nisyros
Τηλ: 22420 31217
First Aid Station Mesoxori
Τηλ: 22420 71209
Port Authority of Kos
Τηλ: 22420 26594
Fire Service of Kos  
Τηλ: 22420 22191, 22199
Tourist Police of Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 22444
Police department of Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 28211
Police Department of Antimachia  
Τηλ: 22420 51222
Police department of of Kefalos  
Τηλ: 22420 71222
Police department of Nisyros  
Τηλ: 22420 31201
Police department of Pili 
Τηλ: 22420 41222
Town hall of Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 28724, 28223, 22326
Post office of Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 22250
Post office of Nisyros 
Τηλ: 22420 31249
International Airport of Kos "Hippocrates"
Τηλ: 22420 56000, 51591, 51567
Touristic Buses of Kos
Τηλ: 22420 22292
Municipal Buses of Kos
Τηλ: 22420 26276
Taxi rank of Kos
Τηλ: 22420 22777, 23333
Taxi rank of Kefalos
Τηλ: 22420 71222
Taxi rank of Mantraki
Τηλ: 22420 31202
Taxi rank of Pili
Τηλ: 22420 41222
Embassies in Kos Island
Embassy of United Kingdom in Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 26203
Embassy of Italy in Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 21991
Embassy of Sweden in Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 26278
Embassy of Finland in Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 22340
Embassy of Denmark in Kos 
Τηλ: 22420 25845